Who can play Beginner contests:

Beginner contests are exclusively for less experienced players on FanDuel. To be clear, no one who’s played more than 50 contests on FanDuel has access to Beginner contests. These are for newer FanDuel players only.

You have access to Beginner contests for your full first 50 contests on FanDuel. It’s your chance to get up to speed on FanDuel against players of an equal experience level. Once you hit the 50-contest milestone, you can move on to Intermediate level contests, where you’ll take your skills to the next level.

NOTE: If you have big money wins, this can categorize you as an 'Experienced' or 'Highly Experienced' player, even if you've played fewer than 50 contests. For example, if you win more than $2,500 — congrats, but we can’t call you a beginner anymore. Here’s the full breakdown on who qualifies as an ‘Experienced’ or ‘Highly Experienced’ player.

Types of Beginner contests:

We offer three types of Beginner contests, so you’re better prepared for each contest type once you’ve graduated from ‘Beginner’ status. Each contest functions the same way as our regular contests — 50/50s, Double Ups, and Tournaments — but, again, these contests are available exclusively to less experienced FanDuel players.

Beginner 50/50s: Just finish in the top half to win, no many how many other beginners enter. This is a great starter contest because of how many total fans win.

Beginner Double Ups: Win a Double Up and you literally double your money. You can win more money than you do in 50/50 contest, but just under 50% of entries win.

Beginner Tournaments: Tournaments let you play for more money than other Beginner Contests. But you’ll need to put up a top score to win. The payouts are high, but the competition is higher, too.

Where to find Beginner contests:

You can find Beginner contests in the FanDuel Lobby. To enter a Beginner contest, just select a contest from the ‘Beginner Contests’ tab.