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    Ok I just got salt under 10.00 so lets ride in a LAMBO

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkLotek View Post
    After 5 years, you can definitely say that the project is a success. I have never once regretted that I contributed bitcoins to this project.
    I had missed this and just looking that it went to less than a dollar by July 2018, so what was successful? I am just trying to get a handle on this crypto world versus old fashioned stocks. Did a lot of you guys make a lot and sell in Dec 2017 when it reached a high around 15 on December 26th, 2017? Or did you hold onto it like I suppose Woody did until June or get out sooner like he said? Thanks

    Originally Posted by yyz

    I do have a child, btw. Even managed to raise a heterosexual!

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