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    This is not the first time I have come across this dish with the same strange name. Once I worked with a Canadian who constantly ordered it, I didn't really like the look, nothing special, ordinary fries with gravy, but there was not a day when we weren't hanging out together, he ordered it with beer. We were also surprised by the name, in French this word is spelled Poutine and has nothing to do with .... that politician (with an accent on the second syllable) These are fries with cheese and brown sauce based on beef juice. Sounds awful, looks even worse. Ethan told me that the name came from the word pudding, in the 1950s and 1960s in Quebec, the English word for pudding was used for any dish that was mixed with many different ingredients. Ethan argued that this is the best thing for a beer.
    My work ended with Ethan, we left for our cities, but I didn't try this Putin, now I regret
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    It looks extremely delicious! I allow myself a cheat meal every couple of weeks. This is a great idea for a fasting day. You need to pamper yourself with such a yummy. Thanks for the idea. Meat and egg are the top combination.

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