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    Nice positive movement for a change

    I'm glad I didn't budge on anything. I'm still holding BTC, ETH, LINK, LEND, RCN, and ZRX.

    Hopefully this move continues.

    I'm not in the market for anything else, I'm not selling, I'm in for the long term and hoping for the best.

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    Sucked watching the whole crypto space slide into a huge bear market.
    Too soon to tell if this will be a sustained rally or just a bit of a teaser before it crashes hard again.
    One thing that’s different than in December is that the rise is a gradual and sustained one instead of 100 or 200 or more percent daily gains as we saw then.
    Won’t be as slow to pull the trigger and take profits this time as I was last time.

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    So many bargains out there a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully everyone bought the dips.

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    Feels like the market sentiment is changing for the better.

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    Down 30% from the May high. Was hoping for a bigger pump. Did not take profits. Let it ride and wait for the next pump. Bitcoin has to go up to get where I want to be for profit taking. Cmon Corn!

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