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    Wow Link is not stopping. I had to take some profit $15. Learned from past losses. Nothing goes straight up forever? Except maybe CHAINLINK!

    If it was easy. Everyone would want to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tulah View Post
    Whew. Whatta rush.
    Page 19
    Notice the hexagons? coincidence ? I doubt it. Time will tell...that SWIFT roadmap is approaching fast.
    SWIFT and derivatives will be the biggest catalyst.

    DeFi has a short track record but itís making money. When these smart contracts get audited and insured(through nexus)
    Every freaking broker around will dump tons of capital into these protocols fielding 5-8% APR(for now)
    Eventually 3-5% is supposedly sustainable, I have no idea, Iím just basically repeating projections.
    Some wild liquidity pools are producing 600% yields. Incredible.
    ChainLink is used by these protocols as itís oracle. This is just 1 use case in for LINK in DeFi while in itís infancy stage , itís worth billions as a protocol.
    With Aave, you can deposit LINK and gain small can also borrow 70% of its value in USDC or DAI in seconds. Do whatever you want with it, like buy more link , or add usdc to a liquidity pool and gain the fees generated.
    Y Earn has opened a link vault where youíll be able to store your link in there vault where fees accrued are compounded into more link and added to the vault which is basically a whale long
    DeFi is here to stay and powered by ChainLink.
    IMO DeFi the reason weíve been gaining major traction this summer.
    Ok I did the coinbase thing a year ago through my England bank as per your advice. Thanks for that.. But now I got no clue what you are saying about Aave, Y earn, fees accrued and vaults. I did put half my stuff into a coinbase vault recently although I have no idea what the difference is. So what I am supposed to do now in normal talk?
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