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    What Experts Think about a Possible Bitcoin ETF

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    If we see BTC ETF approval , the long term bullish signs are tremendous.
    From reports its speculated that around 4-6 Million BTC have been lost forever by early users.
    That leaves a ridiculously low supply. Roughly around 15 million BTC in circulation.
    By estimates we have 36 million Millionaires in the world. Less then 1% of population. That less then 1% accounts for roughly 46% of wealth in the world. Crazy.
    If the millionaires of the world all decide theyd like 1 BTC its not possible and thats just under 1% of the population.

    The ETF effects on the total supply are huge.
    Investment firms buy BTC and effectively remove it from the market forever.
    These firms would now offer BTC for a 401k, IRA , etc.
    IMO people under 50yrs old would want BTC in the portfolio .
    Millennials will definitely opt for BTC in a retirement account.
    Huge catalyst event with real long term price stability.

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