#1 - Go to Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, etc and buy a VISA gift card. They come in various amounts, $50, $100, $200, $500, etc. Then you simply email Will at accounts@betagame.ag and tell him you have a VISA gift card and want to make a deposit with it. He'll have you up and running within minutes. Simple as that. Or use the live chat at www.betagame.ag

#2 - Go to a Money Gram kiosk. All Walmarts have a MG outlet. Tell the clerk that you want to pay a bill using fast pay. All you need is a merchant and receiver code and they will hook you right up within a minute or two. How do you get a merchant and receiver code? Go to betagame.ag and use their live chat feature and tell the rep you want to make a MG deposit, please give me a merchant and receiver code. They will give that to you, take it to Walmart and you're set. Or, you can email Will at accounts@betagame.ag and he will take care of you. The limit for these transactions is $200 minimum and $2500 max.

Betagame has 50% free play for deposits up to $500 and 100% free play for deposits of $500 or more. Use their live chat at www.betagame.ag or send an email to accounts@betagame.af for fast and easy service.

Betagame, the best customer service since Scotty at betjamaica

They pay fast too. Don't believe me, ask around.