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    Is This the Hardest Super Bowl for You to Pick?

    Side? Total?

    You can make an argument for any play, and I won't fight you.
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    Easy pick for me. I love any team that can run the ball (SF #2 in rushing) and play defense, especially pass defense (SF #1). Old school capping! KC had it easy with home games against bad pass defenses. This game will be much different. SF controls the game, does not turn it over, limits Mahomes and scores enough to win.
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    usually i have a decent-to-strong opinion on squad looking to go with in SB, however been flip flopping, bouncing numerous potential outcomes might happen. been scouring info pages and forums, looking to find a note, or trend, or information that resonates with me and makes easier to back one side vs the other - buthave yet to come across

    personally, i don't think you could go wrong with either squad this year --and thats a very middle of the road statement, i know

    the fact that ZK has sf minus pts actually finds me leaning more to kc, on that alone -coming from a guy that hasn't bought into SF -AT ALL- this year
    Anything else you noticed.....

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    I’ll be logging in Super Bowl Sunday at 6:27pm and releasing my play at 6:29pm
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    Havent been this confident since i hammerted Giants ML +550 over Patriots

    $500 with local he said to me you sure about this?

    YES I collected $3250 $2750 plus MY $500 Get Lucky when preparation meets opportunity!

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