1st $3000
2nd $1500
3rd through 10th $500

$500 deposit gets you 2 entries with 100% free play and 10x rollover.

$1000 deposit gets you 5 entries with 100% free play and 10x rollover

Prizes are free Play with 15x rollover.

No deposits prior to 2/10 will count. If you deposited recently, you will have to deposit again for the contest.


Visit live chat or email customerservice@betagame.ag to make your deposit and get your entries.

After you make your qualifying deposit, please email me at jack@madjacksports.com so I can confirm your entry and send you the details on how to make your selections.

This contest is different and should be a lot of fun.

There are no restrictions on how many entries a member can have. in the contest.

Members pick any 16 NCAA teams out of the field of 64 before the tournament starts. Once the tournament starts, no additional picks are made.

Every time one of a member's teams wins, that member is awarded the number of points equal to the team's seed number plus a certain number of points depending on the round according to the following table:

Round Bonus
1 Seed + 1 points
2 Seed + 2 points
3 Seed + 3 points
4 Seed + 4 points
5 Seed + 5 points
6 Seed + 10 points

The tie-breaker is the combined number of points scored in the Championship game. Each member must enter a tie-break value when they make their picks.

The winning entry is the one with the most points at the end of the NCAA Tournament.