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    UFC on ESPN + or whatever...

    Don't know much about these guys, but just spent 3 hours studying picks from other cappers and reviewing so going with the following:

    Oliveira +130 for 5* - Think it's a tossup and Lee has struggled lately. Home turf for Oliveira since he's from Brazil, but without fans... that sucks. Still will take my chances at +130 in a tossup IMHO.

    Krylov +120 for 5* - Another tossup, but he appears to be the better fighter IMO after reviewing.

    Moicano -375 for 3* - Too much vig, but should win I Hope!

    Markos +300 for 3* - Just to prove I'm not all about the huge chalk... he looks to have a prayer at least.

    Burns -175 for 4* - Shocked his line went down but should win as well.

    Formiga -155 for 4* - Great value play

    Trinaldo -160 for 4* - Another great value play, just don't see him losing.

    Barzola -185 for 3* - Don't love it, but should be a higher favorite IMHO.
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    kick is going to ban you for posting in the wrong thread

    or scold you really tuff like his granny

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