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Thread: 80-game range

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    80-game range

    The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal reports that MLB will try for a regular season in the 80-game range and expanded playoffs.

    The league is set for a conference call with the 30 owners on Monday, and if all goes well then, the league will send a proposal to the MLBPA on Tuesday. The season would likely begin in early July in as many cities as possible and without fans present. The players will be expected to make financial concessions to make things work, so much haggling could occur.

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    Greed on both ends will probably stop this from happening.

    Owners will seek less than prorated pay for players, and in fact are adamant they will not pay prorated $, saying losses would be too steep. One possible proposal: a 50/50 revenue split. Players side’s been adamant about prorated $ (half pay for 81 games). Something has to give.

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    Ive given up on any other the 4 major sports returning this year until anything is official

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    2:07pm: Owners approved the proposal for the union, Rosenthal tweets. The league and union are expected to sit down to discuss the proposal tomorrow. Sherman tweets that the MLBPA considers the league’s revenue sharing proposition a “nonstarter,” further underscoring that substantial hurdles need to be navigated.

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