> WINNER $2200 free play
> 2nd $1000 free play
> 3rd $300 free play

NFL ML DOG CONTEST -- $300 deposit required at

This is a MONEY LINE DOG contest meaning the only games that will be available to pick are the dogs on the money line. Just pick one!

You must tell betagame you are making the deposit for the contest at the time of deposit. You can't come back the next day or the next week and tell them you are in the contest.

The weekly pick thread after the odds are up. That will usually be on Wednesday.

Your pick must be posted in the weekly pick thread before 1pm eastern on Sunday or you're out of the contest. No excuses, no exceptions. If the server goes down, too bad, you had from Wednesday to get your pick in. If you pick the Thursday game, your pick must be posted before 8pm Thursday. If you pick the Monday game, your pick must be posted before 1pm on Sunday. If a game is cancelled at sportsbook a push and no action will be the outcome.

If your post is edited, the pick will not count. The 1st pick posted is the one that counts.

Pick one game using the odds I posted. A win gets added to your total, a loss gets $100 subtracted.
Ties count as no game.

You can miss only 1 week the whole season, after that your name comes off and you're out. You can't miss any of the last 5 weeks.

100% free play bonus with 10x rollover on your deposit entry.

20x rollover for all winning accounts.

After you signup at BETAGAME and made your deposit send your account ID and forum user name