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    Welcome to Señor Cappers Handicapping 2020

    Putting it lightly, 2020 has been a trying year for most, if not all of us.
    I believe we are all ready for some football.
    I certainly am focused and ready for some action.

    We all know that this season is going to be different than seasons past. Starting with no fans in attendance, new safety protocols, and players can opt out of the season etc.....

    Regardless I'm here to have fun and most of all WIN.

    19 straight winning seasons, recorded here at MadJackSports.

    Last season was a tough one but we managed to stay in the black...

    2019 Season
    17 games over .500

    We had a very good year in 2018...
    2018 Season
    43 games over .500.

    Time to get back into the swing of things and have another very good year.

    Thanks again
    Señor Capper

    Join us today for some profitable fun at....
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    We have an exceptional track record at Mad Jack Sports.

    Last season makes it ....
    19 Consecutive Winning Seasons.

    This season won't be any different as I promise each and everyone of you that I will work my tail off all season so we make a profit.

    For those that don't know much about me......
    I was born in Wichita Kansas (Rock Chalk) & raised in Vegas.
    I started handicapping the NFL on the old AOL boards, when AOL was THE thing going at the time.
    When the AOL Boards closed down I came upon a site called MadJackSports (in 2000) and I've been here ever since.
    Met both Jack and Jack Sr. at MadJackSports Superbowl Party at the Sahara in Las Vegas.
    Great company. Great memories. Great profit.

    I DON'T throw out 40, 60. or 80 picks out there a week and hope to hit at least 50% or more.
    That's not handicapping.
    I DO handicap every NFL game and post as well as bet, the strongest plays.
    I also handicap a NCAA Football games, post and bet them.

    I use lots of trends and stats in my plays and provide a great write-up for each of my plays.

    I personally wager the same amount on each game I play.
    I have on several occasions, wagered on a play twice (hence Double Play), depending if the line is going my way.

    Thursday Night play(s) will be posted no later than Wednesday.

    Saturday and Sunday plays will be posted no later than Friday.

    Monday play(s) will be posted no later than Sunday.

    Times posted will obviously depend on which way the line is moving, either with or against us.


    This is OUR private Forum so.....
    You are encouraged to add comments and to ask questions or ask about a particular game that I don't have action on.

    No negativeness whatsoever
    This includes bashing anyone of our fellow members!!
    Positiveness leads to good things.

    Thank you in advance

    Thanks again and lets make some money & have fun doing it !!

    Señor Capper

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    Due to the uncertainty of the 2020 Season...I only can offer a Weekly Service.
    No Season packages.

    Too much distraction thinking how to do the refunds.

    One thing I don't need is distraction.

    I apologize for those who signed up for the entire season.

    Lets have some fun while we can and hopefully next year will be a normal one.

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    This season, due to its uncertainty, we are offer 3 different options to join our forum.

    Here at

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    Week 1 NFL recap


    CAROLINA +3.0 (lost by 1)

    ARIZONA +7.0 (an upset wouldn't surprise me) - WINNAH

    LA RAMS +2.5 - WINNAH




    Denver +3.0 - Won
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    Good SUNDAY.


    KC -8.5 LOSER





    Brings us to 8-2-0 out of the gate.

    Hope everyone had a great day!!

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    Bad late games.

    SNF lost by 1. Great game though.

    Was on the unpopular side of MNF and got my ass handed to me.'

    Bring on Week 3

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