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Thread: A live dog?

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    A live dog?

    I never understood "greatness" and " #1 PFP" being bestowed on a guy who only has a handful of professional fights.

    Against some decent-but-avg (by historical standards) competition.

    And 396 wins/1 loss & gold medals aside, pro ranks are a lot different than amateurs.

    He reminds me of another fighter whose rep had most opponents beat, mentally, before they even stepped into the ring. But THAT guy had talent. And raw power.

    Does this guy?

    And even with his talent and power, when THAT guy got in the ring with someone who had equal talent, but, mainly was not afraid of him, he lost his composure and ended up disqualified for cannibalism.
    Lopez ain't afraid. He's hungry (the good kind of hungry, not the cannibalism kind.)
    And I like hungry in a fighter.

    It's sports betting, so anything can happen.
    And it's boxing, which means ANYTHING can happen - the only sport where you can make a bet, watch your bet win, and still be left holding a losing ticket (and vice-versa, I've had tickets when my guy got beat, but I cashed on him anyway because of the scorecards.)

    I've never bet a fight with this guy in it, despite the hype on the promos throughout the years.
    I waited for a live dog, the right time, the right situation, and a little bit of old age to creep in.
    Lopez has the age advantage.
    He has the natural weight advantage.
    He has the activity advantage - four fights LY (his last one was 10 months ago) to two for his opponent (a guy who hasn't fought in 14 months now.)
    And a three-inch reach advantage.
    Yes, he's over-matched in a couple areas, specifically experience.
    But he's fearless.
    And he has the edge in the hunger factor, which is the component that gives me my lean on this one.

    Don't let me oversell you on the kid though.
    It's still a massive undertaking against a guy who may be great.
    May be.
    He's benefited from years of hyped-up promo from embarrassingly fawning, espn fanboyz who idolize him.
    I'm not sold, and won't be even if he wins this weekend as expected (as a better than 4-1 Fav he's supposed to win easily, isn't he?).
    I'm just saying that for a rooting interest and yell-at-my-TV fun this weekend, I'm grabbing the attractive odds on a live dog. And hoping that youth and hunger win out over experience.
    Lopez +350.
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    Absolutely great call!!!
    The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.

    Babe Ruth

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    Thanks for that!!

    He fought a perfect fight mostly but the scorecards were bullshit. He won, but he didn't dominate 11 round to 1.

    Got him at +295

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    You never know if it's going to be your lucky day...

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    Rander & EZ,

    You're welcome,
    and thanks for letting me know that taking time to write this opinion wasn't in vain, somebody read it,
    hope you made a little cash on it.

    Yes, Lederman's score card was way off; we all know going in - it's boxing, if it goes to the judges scorecards anything can happen.

    I used to fly to Vegas to see the big fights, decided one year to stay there for 6 months, ended up staying for 15 years. Lucked into a gig writing for a boxing mag and didn't have to pay for seats anymore, I got comped, ringside.

    Wrote a couple articles about this young kid I saw that had amazing skills, said he'd be a champ someday.
    I was amazed at how he used a left hook to the body that brought his opponent's head down, followed by a left uppercut with speed and accuracy to send his opponents head flying back upward.
    I saw him lead with that uppercut, like fighters use the jab.
    When he got his title shot I got a call from Arum's office - they'd seen my articles and wanted to thank me so they invited me to a luncheon to meet the kid and interview him - Juan Manuel Marquez.

    And when everyone said I was nuts after I wrote that 7-1 underdog Vernon Forrest would beat the latest "greatest," 38-0 Shane Mosley, and he did, I earned a bit of a rep and got more writing gigs and got to do interviews on ESPN & FOX sports radio.
    But boxing broke my heart too many times - too many mismatches, too many crooked fights, too little respect for the fans - so I don't follow as closely as I used to.

    Saturday, my first inkling that we had a good chance was at the end of round four, not because Lopez had won the early rounds (Lomo is a slow starter) but because when the bell rang Lomo reached out to tap gloves with Lopez - a sign that he was respectful of what the kid was doing, some might say a sign of weakness. I caught it, and smiled, I now knew for sure we had a gamer in the kid.

    When Lomo did pick up the pace later, as expected, it was time to see if my other hope would come into play - time/age would become a factor, and Lomo wouldn't be able to close the show as he has done in the past.

    It's funny, in boxing, sometimes you can see a man grow old in the ring, right before your eyes.
    He knows what to do, but the body can longer deliver.
    The hand speed and foot movement that had always served him well seem to abandon him.

    I'm not saying that's what happened to Lomo Saturday night, but he slowed/aged just enough for a tough opponent to take his belts.
    And for us to cash in on a live dog with a nice price . . .
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    Yes... and 14 months of rust over 30 is no bueno

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    You never know if it's going to be your lucky day...

    Until you place a bet!

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    Yup. And that was part of the equation for deciding whether to bet this one.

    One thing I didn't mention - it was weird without fans.
    All sports are, a little, but it seemed, to me, more . . . I'm searching for the right word - pronounced?
    I don't know. Baskets and football I hardly notice, but in boxing it was weird.
    Maybe it was the ring walk that made it seem so strange.
    It was kind of off-putting to watch, no entourage, no fans cheering as they entered.

    Anyway, let's hope there aren't too many more with empty stands.
    And let's hope they put on more good matches, on free TV, to help build back their fan base, instead of overpriced cards with mostly mismatches on them.

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