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    TNF beawre weather heavy raiins high winds from hurricane plus rookie HC BAD

    yes gentle men hevy rains and high gusty winds will turn that gras field to mud and slow game down to a crawl no passes going 20 yrads mstly ground game very low scoring.

    SEEN this a million Times even on turf fields high winds 10 - 15 mph will cause ball being held up

    final scores i seen 3-0 steelers -15 vs Dolphins 13-0 jags vs rival pushed hurricane winds rain

    other games 10-9 13- 3 12- 6 etc...

    ROOKIE HC bad bets in 1st prime time games 84% losers ats and s/u

    and the qb rookie also never played in bad weather yet

    Take falcons s/u + money i guess maybe +125 Get Lucky when preparation meets opportunity!

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    Green Bay at Chicago

    2+ inches of rain, 43 degrees, and 55mph gusts.

    Packers win 33-6, covering the over.

    No free lunches out there.
    Hope in one hand, and shit in the other.......See which one fills up faster.

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