Ive been invested into UBT /baseline protocol for awhile but did not schill it here.
I did that back in the 17-18 run and it ended bad for a lot of projects I was hyped about.
I think this UBT has 20x potential in 2021! Sits at $0.93 (2500 sats , 58k gwei)
Very limited token supply at 150M, Built for enterprise use and they've managed to lure in Microsoft, SAP, Coke Cola North American bottling company so far.
Lots of content available here https://unitrooper.com/
Enterprise DeFi is a very interesting use case. Lublin of ETH confirmed the big boys (Microsoft and SAP) built out teams and are actively testing using defi protocols , now ready to join the markets and itís all legit.
The OCC has cleared the way for Stablecoins and independent node verification services to participate in DeFi. The big boys are here and will make their presence felt soon.