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    Saltys Baked chicken

    Itís grated not graded....

    You will need:
    Chicken thighs
    Onion powder
    Garlic powder
    Ground chipotle Chile powder
    Stubbs chicken rub
    Ground cumin
    Black pepper(fresh ground preferred)
    Sea salt (fresh ground preferred)
    Grated mozzarella or pepper jack
    Bbq sauce of your choice.... I think the thicker the sauce the better as it holds on to the chicken a lot better than a thinner sauce would. I use kinders.

    Preheat oven to 400

    Remove skin and excess fat leaving minimal fat.
    Score Chicken and flip backside up laying each piece down on a cookie sheet with aluminum foil...

    Now I take my seasonings and sprinkle over the top....

    Heavy on the onion powder
    Medium garlic powder
    Light chipotle seasoning
    Lights Stubbs rub
    Light black pepper

    Flip chicken over on to its front side...

    Teeny sprinkle of cumin
    Heavy onion powder
    Light garlic powder
    Light chipotle seasoning
    Medium stubs rub
    Light black pepper
    Teeny sprinkle of sea salt

    Pour bbq sauce lightly over the chicken for a very thin coat. Now I use a fork to dab it in...when using your fingers most of the seasoning will be on your fingers with a bunch of sauce... we donít want that.... delicate and fragile....
    Put chicken thighs in a zip lock bag and layer top to bottom.... leave in the fridge for at least 20 minutes..
    Lay chicken flat on cookie sheet with aluminum foil...
    pour drops of bbq sauce on chicken... like as if itís raining on the chicken..
    another light dusting of onion powder...
    put chicken in the oven (total cook time 30-35mins)
    Grate cheese, enough for a mound of cheese on each piece of chicken and enough to cover the whole cookie sheet
    At the 30 minute mark I like to take my chicken out and put a mound of cheese on each piece of chicken and around the chicken... yes right into that sizzling chicken fat...pop it back in and take out 3-5 minutes later...
    the best part about this is the crispy cheese blankets you scrape off that just got done soaking up all of the sizzling chicken fat.
    Your welcome
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    Oh great! Thank you for this detailed list of ingredients and instructions on how to do it. Will probably do this during my free time. The great thing about it is that the ingredients are no that difficult to find. But I really do hope to make this on a weekend. Just a way to relieve stress and a great way to learn more about cooking in general. I know how to cook but not so much haha I need to follow a cook book in order to make a dish. I can do it on my own but it will be pure experimental haha thanks again for this!

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