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    I agree with your comment for the most part, but Iím not sure of the exact meaning of cancel culture since I rarely watch the news. I can guess what it means. If itís about Mr potato head losing the mr, then I do think itís stupid, but as mentioned by a friend fairly genius since we are talking about that product now, and Iím sure sales will skyrocket.

    Iíll indict both parties for things I see as wrong. My post was about self professed conservatives though and not the left as I wanted it to stay in general (and i feel i can bash conservatives a bit since I identify as one). Anybody who is selfish, I will say is wrong. Why donít you post in the thread? Thanks for the rep.

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    It's a social media phenomenon. When you disagree with someone's opinion or action you try to get them fired or removed from office. It's often associated with "the left" because of some of the ridiculous crap they focus on but it's every bit as prevalent on the other side.
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    McCarthy was trying to cancel people in the 50s. There has always been shit like this going on. It's not like anyone has been burned at the stake for heresy.

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