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    I know who I want to win but that doesn't matter - FINAL FOUR

    The Zags could out literally win this game in the first 10 mins. I want UCLA to win...the only way they compete with the Zags is if Johnny continues to be the best player on the court and that is highly unlikely vs the Zags. If the Zags slow him down they get blown out. No comebacks vs Suggs and Co. Total mismatches all over this court.


    Tyger vs Suggs = MAJOR MISMATCH

    Riley vs Timme = MAJOR MISMATCH

    Johnny vs Kispert = JOHHNY but can he chase Kispert around on that bad ankle.

    Jamie vs Joel or Andrew = Joel or Andrew.

    I got a bad feeling this is a blowout very quickly. I hope not but...

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    The Zags run this pro offense cut/slash and hammer the fuck out of you offense. 10 points in 2 mins before you know it it's game over.

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    Why is Baylor only laying -2.5 1H vs Houston. They have the best player on the court in Mitchell. This line STINKS.

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