JMU -1.5 over Sam Houston ***
JMU was No 1 but got seeded No 3 in the tournament. So they are playing with a chip on their shoulder today They have to play away in Huntsville where Sam always wins.. But this is Bearkats toughest opponent with dual rb's that can pound the ball and and control the clock. JMU has a solid defense and solid offense. Sam last week gave up 2 td's on their special teams and just hung on to win. . JMU has an outstanding OL and 2 rb's. Their qb is solid but JMU has the better overall team. Sams qb Schmid is outstanding but think Dukes defense will contain him in the pocket ..think JMU wins on the road by a touchdown or two. this is the semifinals for the FCS. JMU is more physical and think Bearkats defense will have trouble stopping the ground game. And if Sams loaded up on stopping the run its play action for the Dukies ..they have a freshmen wr who is a stud ..home field was noisy last week but in the 3rd quarter Sam was outscored 13-0 by 2 sp teams mistakes for td's. I'm sure Bearkats have cleaned up their act on sp teams because if they let JMU score this game could be a blowout.