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    Longhorns stuck in the mud

    College Football World Reacts To Paul Finebaum’s Texas Comment
    Andrew Holleran 1 hr ago

    “Texas is no big deal other than to Texas fans,” Finebaum said.
    We move forward with you or without you!

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    Sad but true...
    We move forward with you or without you!

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    there not happy here in Austin about what Finebaum said but he is right somewhat Texas with Skrak as new coach has some talent.. Texas has the best running back in the country in Bjorn Robinson He came in as a 5 star and was so unused by former coach who should of been fired. This kid is only a soph and although he is one of 20 players listed at Vegas for the Heisman sophomores don't get.. I thought about putting something down but no way a sophomore could win it. Skarkarsian the new coach from Bama knows what he has in his backfield.. there might be a few holes at other positions but Bjorn is a force.. amazing this kid didn't transfer last yr. when he played his stats were unreal. But they let him play in alternate plays The old saying " only person who could hold Michael Jordan to under 20 was Dean Smith" same thing with Robinson..Only the coach could hold Bjorn to under 100 yds was there coach and they fired his ass.
    Longhorns have been stuck in the mud but just give this kid the ball His father was a mudder ,his mother was a
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