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Thread: Friday MLB

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    Friday MLB

    D-backs +114 *****
    Marlins +115
    Mets -156
    Jays +112
    Quality over Quantity...It's impossible to bet 60 plus plays a day at 3-10 units a pop...Fictitious

    The Atlanta Hawks take out the Philadelphia 76ers.....+155 X 2 = $200/$310

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    here's to a solid and profitable evening buddy.......

    on these with you......continued success.........indy

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBA_Kid View Post
    D-backs +114 *****
    Marlins +115
    Mets -156
    Jays +112
    Brutal losses with Toronto and Arizona. Both had so many chances and just blew it

    I’ve had so many of these losses this baseball season. Like the braves on Wednesday and Thursday

    Appreciate you posting!

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