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    Welcome to Senor Capper's Handicapping 2021 - EARLY BIRD SPECIAL

    First and foremost hope everyone is doing well as can be, in these trying times.

    Here at Senor Capper's Handicapping we're coming off our toughest year ever.
    After 19 straight years of winning seasons we struggled in 2020.

    NFL: 58-68-3
    Post Season: 6-5-0

    NCAA: 43-45-2
    Bowls: 8-9-0

    No doubt Covid-19 and related changes played a HUGE part.

    We're more than ready to bounce-back in 2021!!

    From now until Wednesday September 1st we are offering our yearly Early Bird Special, that trims off $200.00 off our Full Season Package, at

    For those that don't know much about me...

    I started Football Handicapping on the old AOL boards, way back in the day.
    I discovered MadJackSports in 2000 and have been here ever since.
    I absolutely love the game and equally enjoy handicapping it.

    Every season we have a great group of people who share the love of the game and the action that goes with it.

    Hope to see you in our private forum for this 2021 Season.

    Best to everyone!!

    Senor Capper

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    Also Week 1 of the NFL preseason

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