Do You Always Expect the Perfect Line?

All bettors have used gambling lines at least once while wagering. Bookies create lines and adjust them once specific market changes.

Still, some gamblers always expect to get perfect lines. Keep reading to learn more about betting lines.

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What Are Betting Lines?

Bookie operators set betting lines and odds after they determine the underdog and favorite in a game. The handicap forms a line, also called margin between the teams, and it is common if a game has only two likely outcomes. The line sets the game's betting parameters.

How Betting Lines Work

A sportsbook can offer a point spread market for the Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavaliers. It can handicap the Wizards by 20 points and create a line bet.

In the above example, you have two betting options; supporting the Wizards to win the game by more than 20 points or the Cavaliers to amass 20 points. The bet's two outcomes have equal odds.

Another bookie can impose the following handicaps on these two teams:

Charlotte Hornets +7.5
Brooklyn Nets -7.5

The line has made the playing field even as both teams have equal winning chances. The Nets are the favorite, and they have to win the game by at least eight points for your wager to win. Also, the Hornets shouldn't lose by more than 7.5 points for a bet on the Nets to payout.

Generally, bookmakers set out point spreads with -110 odds unless an operator states otherwise. Thus, you will win $9.10 if you stake $10 on the Nets.

Las Vegas Gambling Lines and Odds

The U.S. has many online sportsbooks, most of which have set up betting shops in Las Vegas. They attract millions of gamblers each year as some of them like betting on sports events and others on casino games.

This has increased the popularity of Vegas gambling lines and odds. You need to understand them to win various bets at local bookmakers and casinos.

A Moneyline Wager

Moneylines are a popular type of bet requiring selecting the player or team you believe will win a game. Many amateurs love placing them as they think that money lines have a high winning probability.

Most sporting events have an underdog and a favorite. Bookies change odds to show the possibility of a certain player or team winning the game.

Beginners tend to back the favorites despite them having a low payout. It is advisable to support underdogs if you think they will win their matches. Such teams have huge payouts as bookies assign them high odds.

3 Common Types of Sports Betting

Many betting companies offer the following sports betting options:


The National Football League (NFL) Betting

The NFL has many betting markets as games are rare to end as a tie. For instance, a bookmaker can allow gamblers to wager on the Miami Dolphins vs New York Giants game and offer the following markets.

Team Line Gambling Moneyline Total

Miami Dolphins +8 +180 40

New York Giants -8 -200

In our example, you can place three types of wagers; line bets, money lines, and totals.

Parlay Betting

Parlays involve wagering on a combination of several teams to get high returns from your stake. They are most popular among the National Basketball Association (NBA) enthusiasts, but you can place them in various sports leagues. You can support three teams in three different games to win line bets.

NBA Betting

Some bookmakers struggle to predict the NBA handicaps. An operator can decide to cast total betting or line betting at a decimal such as 3.5.

Successful bettors recommend understanding gambling terms like odds and lines before you sign up at any bookmaker. Most sites hire skilled odds compilers to create lines for various sporting events. The lines would influence your payout if you made a correct prediction.

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