Read this before you bet the Rockets.

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Dec 13, 2005
The Houston Rockets had plenty of trouble getting to Salt Lake City as a blizzard left them grounded for a while in western Colorado.

Once they arrived, they made the Jazz pay, rolling to a 125-80 victory on Monday night and handing Utah the most-lopsided home loss in franchise history.

"We could have had Michael Jordan in his prime with us tonight . and it wouldn't have mattered (the way we played)," Jazz center Al Jefferson lamented.

"It was like everything went wrong. They came ready to play. I don't know where our energy was."
Think the Jazz may play with a little extra motivation tonight.

Maybe even win out right.


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Sep 1, 2012
This is a lost Jazz team with no identity.
Corbin will be fired after this year.
No way they make the playoffs.
They do have talent but their coach SUCKS.
I think they have packed it in.
Case in point really crappy depleted Knicks squad whipping them at home.
This time of year stay away from crappy teams on the road. Now home dog crappy teams are a different story. Case in point Sacto last night...
BOL. in whatever u choose.


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Oct 17, 2001
Northern Wisconsin
The Jazz were favored by 11 over the hapless Knicks in Utah a couple of nights ago and got spanked straight up. They really needed that game and just didn't play with any sense of urgency. I think they are toast.
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