Betting With a Pro Handicapper: The Professional Resume

When betting with a pro handicapper, their professional resume goes a long way.

Are You Qualified?

Anyone who has ever looked for a job has to rely heavily on qualifications. You most likely had to present your resume or fill out an extensive application.

If you ended up getting the job, the hiring was related to your past experience in the field. If you did not get the job, chances are that another candidate was more qualified.

We’re trying to understand the job seeking process. It should be the same approach you take if you are looking for professional help with your sports wagers. In fact, this process needs to be highly refined. Since there are no real prerequisites to enter the field of selling selection packages for betting on sports and sporting events.

Betting With a Pro Handicapper

Given today’s easy access to betting markets, anyone can start their own sports handicapping website. They can instantly start selling their picks. This is the ultimate buyer beware scenario. There are with very little, if any, guarantees on the products and services you decide to ultimately purchase

Fortunately, today’s marketplace for pro handicappers is filled with excellent choices. These transparent cappers can dramatically improve your overall return on investment. Betting on sports isn’t as difficult when betting with a pro handicapper.

Just like your job search, finding the right pro hinges on their career resume. You need a way to verify their past results when it comes to betting results. That is why the best pro handicappers align themselves with a highly reputable sports betting site such as

Do Your Due Diligence

By confining your search and overall due diligence to a reputable sports betting site, you can rest assured that the handicappers represented have already been fully vetted by that site. 

This process is the same as providing references along with the resume. A successful sports betting site is not going to risk its industry reputation by steering sports bettors (their customers) in the wrong direction.

However, starting your search with a reputable sports betting resource is just part of the process. You need to dig as deep as you can into that pro’s handicapping resume. Overall reputation is extremely important, especially in an industry that is not heavily regulated.


Recent Successes – Betting With a Pro Handicapper

Unfortunately for many pros, this is a “what have you done for me lately” situation.

Just because they won 70% of their seven-unit plays in 2017 should not give them a free pass for life. Longevity is an extremely important attribute among pro handicappers. But so are their most recent results.

Sports betting is a dynamic industry that is changing and evolving on a regular basis. Handicapping techniques are becoming highly refined through the use of advanced technology and real time business analytics. The means and methods for producing selection packages need to stay current with the times.

A pro that can back up their methodology for releasing betting selections with empirical data or mathematical equations demonstrates a true commitment to their craft. There is still a certain level of ‘gut feel’ in the selection process. But more times than not, bias in any selections result in an overall lower winning percentage.

By understanding the overall approach a pro takes to releasing selections. You can align your betting strategy accordingly. If their approach does not make sense to you, there is going to be a certain degree of difficulty buying in on the picks as well as the suggested unit plays.