Sports Betting Industry News Roundup

Sports betting industry news never seems to slow down. It’s an industry that could still grow even more in the future. This is also an industry that seems to dominate headlines, and it is usually for very different reasons. Here is a look at some of the latest sports betting industry news pieces.  New York

Gambling on Baseball Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Gambling on baseball in  the regular season and postseason has grown to be a huge favorite among sports bettors. It goes without saying that there are some aspects of MLB betting that set it apart from that of the NFL and NBA. There are some baseball betting strategies that can be used to outsmart oddsmakers

The Craziest Prop Bets of All Time

Prop bets make every sporting event, no matter how boring, a lot more fun. It all started with the Super Bowl props back in the 1980s. It has transformed into an every-day market in all of the major sports. Bettors will find player props, team props, and more attached to every game on a daily

Betting NFL Futures for Football Bettors

It’s that time of year when smart bettors begin to look at NFL futures for the upcoming season. Sportsbooks offer a growing variety of season-long futures and prop bets on the NFL in an effort to make as much money as they can. Bettors can place wagers from now until the markets close. Are these

Biggest Mistakes When Wagering on the NBA Finals

Betting on the NBA Finals can be a good thing. Betting on a championship series can be exciting but also profitable.  If you’re not prepared, it can also be one of your biggest nightmares. Here, we’ll examine some common rookie errors bettors make and provide tips from experienced professionals. Key Points – Trusting the public

Where to Buy Sports Handicapper Picks

It’s common for sports bettors to buy sports handicapper picks in an attempt to win more bets. With the rise of sports betting over the last several years, more handicappers have entered the market. It can be difficult to sort through all of the information and figure out who to buy from. In this article,

The Mistakes Sharps Avoid When Gambling on Sports

If gambling on sports was easy, everyone would be doing it. More and more people are these days, but too many bettors make the simplest of mistakes. How about the bettor that complains that his card went 5-2? Or the one whose 12-team teaser failed because he missed one bet. Read on to learn more

Variable Versus Fixed Stakes for Sports Bettors

Should bettors use fixed stakes or should they vary the amount that they place on wagers? It’s a common question for sports bettors of any level. All bettors can agree that prudent bankroll management is a key to success. Figuring out how much to wager on an individual bet is part of that money management.

Evaluating MLB Odds Using Starting Pitcher Matchups

Baseball bettors are constantly reminded of the significance of analyzing matchups and MLB odds. Much of the focus is on how a starting pitcher compares to an opponent’s offense. Analyzing pitching matchups can be difficult. When looking at those starting pitcher matchups, keep the following factors in mind. Key Points – When analyzing MLB odds,

Golf Betting Strategy for the Winning Bettor

If you want to wager on the links, you need a pretty solid golf betting strategy to have some success. While the spring and summer wear on, bettors need to find something to pass the time until football begins again. Golf is the perfect sport to fill the gap. Key Points – Golf betting strategy

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