Enjoy an “Enhanced Sports Betting Experience” at Online Sportsbooks

The entire sports betting industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Retail sportsbooks once confined to the state of Nevada are starting to pop-up all over the US in land-based casinos, professional sports facilities, horse racing venues and other retail gaming centers.

Online sports betting has quickly become the fastest growing segment of the industry through the proliferation of mobile betting apps. It has never been easier to add some betting action to your favorite sports. You can even base all of your betting strategy on the performance of individual players as a crossover from fantasy sports.

BETAGAME comes loaded with all the fantastic features that you would expect when gambling in a brick and mortar. Want Las Vegas on you PC or mobile device? Now, you have it with a sportsbook that offers it all, along with the hottest online racebook, and virtual casino.

AMERICASBOOKIE, an online sportsbook that is Las Vegas. You get 25 years of experience that’s coupled with the best service industrywide. Offering a huge wagering menu, with a sleek user interface that makes gambling smooth and quick, along with the hottest casino, and a racebook that features more than 75-tracks. 

BetAnySports has been around for decades but has recently been a fast-rising brand in the sports betting community. The sportsbook delivers a simple, clean product, offers all sorts of bonus options, and backs it all up with strong customer service. If you haven’t yet opened an account and tried them out, it’s worth having them among your optio

1VICE, Gamblers want easy and easy is what you get with 1VICE. Offering competitive lines and odds, every sport under the sun, and every possible wagering option. You get the best service in the industry with fast payouts, tons of free play, easy to manage bonuses, and great weekly contests.

MyBookie is one of the industry's best online casinos and sportsbooks. Their combined bonuses, banking options, user interface, customer service, and mobile compatibility make for a great user experience, and they can offer their services online with minimal issues.

SPORTSINTERACTION, is loved by gamblers because they offer you every possible sport thinkable, to bet on. From volleyball to Lacrosse, to curling, and every major sport in the United States and around the world, these guys are the real deal, and they bring it daily with sharp lines and odds.

BOOKMAKER, A sportsbook that understands gamblers and what they want. You get every sport known to man along with a huge wagering menu that includes live lines, dynamic lines, a wide variety of props, promotions, rewards, bonusses and more. You also get a world-class racebook, with the hottest virtual casino. 

The best online sportbooks in the industry are turning to advanced technology along with sophisticated gaming software innovations to further enhance the entire sports betting experience. The only limitation in place for today’s oddsmakers is their own imagination when it comes to betting markets and expanded betting options covering just about every sport and sporting event. Ironically enough, straight bets on a game’s point spread, total line or money line odds still account for the bulk of any online sportsbook’s monthly betting handle. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the different ways the online sports betting experience can be enhanced. The biggest enhancement in recent years is creating an immersive element to betting on sports. This was first expanded by releasing daily game props for all the major betting sports. The next expansion opened the door to live betting after the games have gotten underway. Betting odds are constantly being adjusted based on what has already taken place on the field, court, ice or track. Further innovation has led to micro betting on a single play in a football game or on a single pitch in baseball. This full immersion gives the avid sports fan major skin in the game. Fortunes can rise and fall on a single play as the game wears on. The actual outcome suddenly becomes secondary based on the bets that were placed between the opening kickoff of a football game or ahead of the final buzzer in the third period of a hockey game. Enhanced online sports betting is not just limited to major betting sports or pro leagues such as the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Sports such as golf, auto racing, boxing and MMA fights are becoming excellent opportunities to expand anyone’s overall sports betting menu. International leagues led by soccer are becoming mainstream betting activities for US players. The recent Winter Olympics are a perfect example of betting markets for secondary sports and sporting events. The big question any sports bettor is starting to ask themselves is “where does it all go from here?” Many of the recent innovations in US sports betting have been a major part of regulated betting markets such as the UK and Europe. Live in-game betting accounts for much more of the overall betting handle on a global scale. This should carry over to the US market in years to come. Sports bettors are being challenged by the online sportsbooks to fine-tune their handicapping skills. It is no longer enough to predict the outcome of Sunday’s big NFL game. This enhanced betting environment is asking you the predict the outcome of your team’s next offensive drive.
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