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Top Sports Betting Sites – Sportsbooks for 2022

MadJacks Sports is your trusted source for reliable information, to help find the perfect sports betting site. There hundreds of sports sites to choose from online, and selecting the right sports site for you can be a daunting challenge.


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5 Key Aspects of a Professional Handicapping Service

Once you have made the decision to turn to the pros for your sports betting picks, it is now time to find the right selection service for your sports betting strategy. There are literally hundreds of different professional handicapping services available today. Finding the right one for your sports betting needs may appear to be a daunting task given the financial investment involved. However, there are five basic aspects to keep in mind to aid your search.
  • Return on Investment: Nobody bets on sports to lose but unfortunately most of today’s recreational bettors lose money over an extended period of time. The entire concept of turning to the pros revolves around making money on your sports betting activity even with the added cost of buying your picks. Every pro handicapper is rated by their individual return on investment. Anyone can win at this game in the short term. Your concern should always be a pro’s ROI over the long haul.
  • Cost Analysis: The best value in any selection package covers a longer period of time. Buying a daily or even weekly package is a great way to test the waters. However, the best value would be a season package for the sports you love to bet on the most. Buying the entire NFL season is going to be expensive. However, the most important analysis is your cost per selection. By knowing exactly what you are paying per pick, you can build a betting strategy around that cost.
  • Knowing a Pro’s Track RecordAs mentioned, the list of choices for pro picks is almost endless. The main thing any pro has to stand on is their win/loss percentage on the picks they release. Anyone can get hot in the short term. Any pro can also go through cold spells from time to time. Their track record over a longer period of time is the main measure you will want to be aware of. You should also make note of a pro’s results on a sport by sport basis. This will let you customize your plan if you are betting multiple sports throughout the year.
  • Industry ReputationWhile you definitely want a pro who knows how to pick winners, you also want to work with a reputable handicapping service that has earned the respect of their customer base. There is no set regulatory body governing the professional handicapping industry. A pro earns their reputation based on how they conduct their business. Fortunately, there are reputable sports betting sites that affiliate themselves with the best handicappers in the game today. By finding a trustworthy source for information on selection services, you will be pointed in the right direction.
  • Reliable Customer Service: The true pros in the sports betting industry run their selection service like a business. They offer several means of contact from a toll-free number to email and text. They are also transparent in the selection packages they offer. This is especially important when it comes to accurate pricing. You should always know and be comfortable with the price you are paying for your picks. If any questions or issues do arise, you should always have the means to get them answered or resolved to your satisfaction.

Tips for Picking the Right Online Sportsbook

A major part of this betting strategy is deciding which online sportsbook (or books) you will use to wager on the actual games. Given the tremendous popularity of betting on sports and sporting events these days, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to online sportsbooks catering to US players. However, not all online books are created equal, so it pays to take the time to refine your search. Basically, you should conduct your search based on the following set of criteria:
  • Online sportsbook bonus offers, incentives and promotions
  • Online sportsbook football betting options
  • Online sportsbook banking options
Just about every online sportsbook offers a generous welcome bonus for new players. Most of these bonuses are tied to a matching percentage on your initial deposit up to a fixed amount. For example, if the matching bonus is 100% and the matching amount is $500, you will have the chance to max out that bonus with a $500 initial deposit into your online betting account. In return, you could earn as much as $1000. The two most important aspects of these types of welcome bonuses that need to be taken into consideration is the total number of required rollovers to earn that bonus and the total amount that needs to be rolled over. The rollover refers to the number of times you need to bet a set amount. That total amount could be the bonus itself or the bonus amount plus the actual deposit amount. Most welcome bonuses combine the deposit and the bonus into one set amount. Required rollovers will vary from book to book. A handful of top-rated online sportsbooks will actually offer a matching deposit bonus every time you add more funds to your betting account. Also referred to as a reload bonus, this can be an excellent way to supplement your betting bankroll on a regular basis. Online sportsbooks are not known for giving money or free-bet credit away for free. Deposit bonuses favor high-volume bettors who are very active in their overall betting strategy. If you consider yourself a recreational bettor looking for a little action on the weekends, other promotional incentives may be a better fit. For example, most online sportsbooks offer cash or free-bet credit for valid customer referrals. Once you have found your ideal online book or books for football season, you can then refer your family, friends and acquaintances to boost your betting account. Some online books catering to US bettors offer gambler’s insurance that kicks in with any net monthly loss. These rebates can be as high as 10% of that net loss to help you get back in the black the upcoming month. The best online sportsbooks are willing to reward your customer loyalty with points for online betting activity. These points can be saved and redeemed for free-bet credit and other valuable sports betting perks. Moving to football betting options, you will want to find an online book that offers an extended betting board for both college football and the NFL. The best football betting strategies are the ones with a diverse array of wagers placed. You can double down on a point spread bet with a few added prop bet options for Sunday’s big game. Wagering on a football game after the opening kickoffs is another great way to build diversity into your betting strategy. Live in-game betting offers betting lines that are constantly being updated based on what has already taken place on the field. Live betting also offers “what happens next” betting options for each team’s next possession on offense. Another good way to take full advantage of a sportsbook’s betting board is “reduced juice” betting options. You might be able to bet a game’s UNDER line at +100 to eliminate any juice or commission on that wager. Some online books specialize in tweaking the commission charged on certain football point spreads and total lines. When these types of bets are in your favor, the savings over the course of a full season of games will start to add up. You should always consult an online book’s banking or cashiers section of the website or mobile betting app. It is important to know and understand all the ways you can fund your online account as well as request withdrawals. It is also important to know and understand all the rules that pertain to a particular money transfer option. This includes any added fees or costs. Bitcoin remains one of the most popular means to move funds in and out of an online betting account. All the top-rated online books have been accepting Bitcoin as a money transfer option for the past several years. This is also the fastest, safest and cheapest way to transfer money in and out of an online sportsbook account.
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