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  • hi Jack- Hal Goldenberg here. can you please contact me when you have time? I have something i would like to run by you. 760-272-0285 thanks!
    What’s your pick 10 contest? Is there any entry fee etc? I’d be interested try my hand at, even if starting late at - lemme know ~cheers, t
    It's closed now. It's a full NFL season contest. There was a sticky up for about 6 weeks asking people to join.
    was my post about my poker club not in good taste? I would think there are many poker players on your forum.

    Hey jack can u message me RR’s email? He messaged me to get it from u but not sure how to correctly go about that.
    bleeding purple
    LMK if you need my address to send out the winnings. I don?t know the amount but if if it?s $500 if you keep $50 for your time and effort
    Jack what’s the Criteria for you to consider putting a capper on your paid site. I would love to consider a shot. I don’t release many teams but remain between 61-62 %. This is not my first time over 60%. But in 2010 had some major problems back home and disappeared off the site. Lmk what you have to do. Thanks BO
    Good Morning Again Jack..............The NFL thread is also gone..............unreal.......

    Thanks for checking what's happening with the threads disappearing.......

    Good Morning MadJack..........why is my thread keep disappearing....first it was the NHL thread and now the NBA thread is gone......How can i get them back? Or like the NHL thread do i have to start a new one?
    Happy New Year Jack... Though I don't post much, I've been a madjacker for quite sometime now. In the early years I looked at a few of the sportsbook here and went with sportsbook. com. I've been with them for many years and now there is no phone #, must email them. I finally wanted to withdraw a small amount and it's been weeks, and nothing. Asked them the status and no reply. It takes seconds to get $$ in but to this point, extremely frustrating trying to get a small withdrawal. Do you still have any contacts there? If not, any advice? Thanks Jack, and as always, love the site!
    I couldn't remember my real Username Billy Blastoff, so I am using Billyblastoff,can you send me my password or a link to reset Billy Blastoff.

    I signed up for last night. I sent a deposit in the AM today with WILL. It was so easy. I normally do bitcoin but had none in my account so I sent $1,000 paypal. I let him know I signed up bc of madjacksports. I want to make sure you get credit. I have a question for you too.

    1. What is the max payout they allow? What days can you request a payout?

    Website shows nothing about any withdraw info
    I was wondering if I purchase the BitPay visa card.......will I have to wait days until I get my card before I can deposit through Blockchain???
    Hey Jack,

    Is there a reason my post count stays at 864. I have been a member for more than 10 years and probably have at least 5,000 posts but the number never advances so I look like a newbie. Not a big deal, but I was curious, I asked about this a while ago and supposedly it was fixed, but I have been posting this season and still the number stays the same, thanks.
    Hi Jack, I am planning to go up to DC to watch Cinncy@Baltimore game, any recomendation? I have never been in DC, neither Baltimore, I am also tempted to go north for the Sunday Night Game at NYC.

    Any insight, what to do, places to go, etc is very welcome!

    thanks in advance

    Kind Regards
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