How to Bet First Half Lines

First half lines have become a favorite for many bettors.

Introduction to First Half Lines

As its name suggests, wagering on first-half lines is a unique bet that refers to betting on the result at halftime of a specific game or sporting event. This type of bet differs from regular game bets in that fans are not opting for the result of the entire match but just the first half of or a given half of the event. 

The first half bet result bet is based on the classic three-way bet. In other words, one of three outcomes of a football match must be chosen. In the betting market offer, there are a series of possibilities to wager. This includes the result at a specific time or the option of betting on a combination of both. 

What Is a First Half Line Bet?

Say you are interested in putting your money on an NFL game, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking strong to take on the Carolina Panthers. If so, one could bet on the Buccaneers dominating the first half of the game, scoring under 15 points. 

That means that the Buccaneers cannot exceed the 15-point mark. If they do, your bet will not result in a win. While some sportsbooks will allow you to simply bet on the winner of the first half of the game, most will do so yet will force bettors to consider the over/under. 

Bettors could potentially make a $50 profit on a $100 bet if the Buccaneers win the first half with a score of 14-0 and -150 odds. However, if a bet on the Panthers wins by that same margin, a $100 bet could return a $160 profit if odds are set at +160 for the Panthers to win the first half. 

Making the Most of First Half Lines

While first-half lines are focused only on just part of a specific game, they do not differ too much from the regular strategy most bettors are supposed to follow when placing a bet on sports. While most of these tips may sound like ordinary advice among top bettors, they stand as some of the most valuable in expert bettors’ books.


Pick The Right Sport When Betting First Half Lines

One of the most significant advantages of this type of bet is that it can be used in all sports where there can be three outcomes. That is a victory for the local team, a draw, and a win for the visiting team.

It should be noted that first-half betting is quite popular in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, baseball, and rugby, just to mention a few. The idea is that fans make the most of their skills to predict the outcome of these games and the potential combinations they can put together along the way. 

Learn About Your Betting Options

Although it seems like one of the most apparent sports betting tips. It is essential to know what your bet is and what it entails. In practice, even the most expert bettors can make this mistake. If fans do so, they will multiply the chances of losing.

Any bettor that is simply betting on money lines, point spreads and totals are missing out. There is a near unlimited number of betting options available at offshore sportsbooks.

Fans and bettors know which sports they are most familiar with. You do not have to prove anything to anyone; nobody knows everything, so focus on your favorite sports and ignore the rest. If you are a football, basketball, and tennis fan, stick to these sports and adhere to the bet type that you know the best. 

If you have proven to be good at predicting first-half lines, do so and encourage yourself to always assume a bit more risk on the way to making the most of every wager. Also, look at what experts might have to say. 

Stats and Data Are Your Friends

You already know that several factors can affect the outcome of a match. However, this is not always considered when it comes to betting recommendations. Ask yourself important questions: Does either team have star players who are injured? What will be the weather conditions during the game? These are components on everyone’s mind which will help you stay just a few steps ahead. 

Are both rivals equally interested in the match or the tournament? This factor is significant in the playoffs. As one could easily deduce, first-half lines are not so different from full match odds and lines. Which makes one’s strategy stay consistent and well-rounded. 

Also, consider statistical analysis. For instance, it has been proven over time that there is a high correlation between first-half and full-game lines. This means that if you pick the overall favorite team to win the game on first-half lines, you are increasing your odds of nailing a solid win.

What do you know about futures? Our last article was about 2022 College Football futures. Take a look.

Mix Your Betting Game from Time to Time

Expert bettors like consistency. Yet even they know when they can draw various bets on first-half lines and combine them with additional results. It is all about taking your time and taking a risk as well.

Those who have been in the betting game for some time will review the different events. This might lead to some bettors unfolding three or four games with more than feasible markets to opt for a combined bet. 

Combined bets can also take place within the same game. For example, combine your first-half lines and bet on your favorite team to dominate the entire game. The first half lines are great, short, and productive, and there is always potential to keep things interesting.

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