Finding the Best Summer Sports to Bet On

Some think there’s nothing to bet on this time of year, but here are the best summer sports to bet. Best Summer Sports to Bet Once June rolls around, too many sports bettors make the mistake of going into hibernation until football is back on the board in September. Turning to baseball is an obvious

Betting With a Pro Handicapper: The Professional Resume

When betting with a pro handicapper, their professional resume goes a long way. Are You Qualified? Anyone who has ever looked for a job has to rely heavily on qualifications. You most likely had to present your resume or fill out an extensive application. If you ended up getting the job, the hiring was related

Never Too Early: Betting Football at

Betting football at is a year-round endeavor.  Don’t Forget About Betting Football at Both the NBA and NHL playoffs top the betting board at heading into the month of June. The 2022 MLB regular season is just starting to heat up with the weather outside. Betting markets for a wide variety of

Build Your MLB Betting Board with Pay Per Head

Build your MLB betting board to keep your players happy and your bookie business rolling through the summer. Using a pay per head makes it easy. Build Your MLB Betting Board Both the NBA and NHL postseason continue to wind down heading into the month of June. Private bookies need to ramp up their betting

Choosing the Best Online Sportsbook For You

Choosing the best online sportsbook shouldn’t be too difficult. We outline what to look for. Betting Variety is a Must There are certain times during the sports betting calendar when turning to the best online sportsbook can make all the difference in the world. The annual Super Bowl in early February and March Madness quickly

Is There Any Value in Free Sports Handicapping Picks

Free sports handicapping picks. Friend or foe? It would be easy to answer this question with one single response, you get what you pay for. However, there is much more to the actual sports handicapping process that needs to be discussed when it comes to betting using free picks. Source for Free Sports Handicapping Picks

Offshore vs. US Sportsbooks: MLB Betting

MLB betting is all that’ll be around soon. Let’s get you started winning more baseball bets. MLB Betting Value Major League Baseball’s Opening Day slate of games marks the start of a brand new season of betting on baseball. The extended 162-game schedule covering 30 MLB teams offers a tremendous amount of betting value almost Offers a Sweet Way to Make Extra Money always helps bettors earn extra cash. This Year’s Big College Dance The smoke has cleared from the first two rounds of this year’s NCAA Tournament for men’s college basketball. It is safe to say that yours and everyone else’s bracket is probably busted. Cinderella invited more than a few extra friends to this year’s Earns High Grades from Bettors is a great all around sports betting site. They are top-rated on many reputable online sportsbook review sites. Who Are Since 2016, has worked extremely hard to earn its high grades as a top-rated online sportsbook. However, this highly popular sports betting site is much more than that.  Given the rapid changes Gets You Ready for March Madness

March Madness is a fan favorite of most fanatics. HRWager is ready for your wagers. Betting March Madness Betting on sports has never been more popular on a year round basis. However, there are certain betting events on the annual calendar that elevate this popularity to an unpresented level. The first is the NFL Super

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