How to Bet Your NFL Survivor Pool

Learn how to bet your NFL survivor pool this season.

Key Points

– Make sure you understand the rules of your NFL survivor pool.

– The only goal is to outlast the other competitors in your NFL survivor pool.

Win Your NFL Survivor Pool This Season

You already know how thrilling games can be if you’re an NFL fan and enjoy betting football. A little extra excitement can be added by participating in an NFL survivor pool.

Your objective as a participant in an NFL survivor pool is to survive, as the name suggests. Here is a thorough explanation of the rules, how to play, and winning strategies for those who haven’t participated in one yet.

The Fundamentals of an NFL Survivor Pool

In an NFL survivor pool, you pick one team to win each week of the season. You cannot select a team to win more than once during the season in the majority of these types of pools.That means once you use the Kansas City Chiefs, for example, you may not use the Chiefs again for the remainder of the season.

If your team wins, you remain in the pool. If your team loses, you’re out. It’s that simple. Those are the fundamentals of an NFL survivor pool.


Typical Rules

You will most likely have to pay a set price to enter the tournament as a player. The pot is won by the last person remaining.

Each player picks the team they think will win in that particular week’s matchup. For instance, you may have predicted that Houston would lose to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 1. You would move on to Week 2 as a result of a Chiefs’ victory.

If you had chosen the Texans, you would have lost and been eliminated from the competition. You cannot pick the Chiefs again for the duration of the season after picking them in Week 1.

Unique Pool Rules

The owner of the survivor pool may alter some of the rules. For instance, certain pools might feature a bracket for second place. You go into the second place bracket after your first defeat. You’re out if you lose a second time.

In certain leagues, two selections are made each week. You must correctly predict both outcomes to move on. Otherwise, you are eliminated.

Of course, there will be ties in some competitions. The winner of a tie is either the player with the most wins or the player with the biggest victory margin overall. In most pools, it is the biggest margin of victory that breaks a tie.

Every week, a continuous tally of the winning margin is kept. The winner is the one who has the highest number, or largest margin of victory.

Tips to Win Your NFL Survivor Pool

As there are with NFL live betting, there are some really effective methods to use if you want to win an NFL survivor pool. A team shouldn’t be saved early in the season. Returning to the Week 1 examples of Kansas City and Houston, it makes sense to take the Chiefs. If you believe they will win, take them. You can’t use them again, but you would advance to the next round with a Chiefs win. .

Picking against a specific team is also a smart move. If you had merely chosen whoever was against the Cleveland Browns in 2017, you most likely would have had success. The Browns became the second team in NFL history to go winless in a 16-game season. You would only have needed to choose correctly in the games where they faced an opponent from their division for the second time.

Avoid the Thursday night games if you can. Teams that play on a Thursday will usually have played the Sunday before, giving them just four days off. Making your survivor pool picks as late as possible is the preferred course of action.

Picking as late as possible enables you to obtain any last-minute injury updates or other information that could have an impact on a game’s outcome.

Survivor pool players focus too much on winning that particular week. They don’t think long term enough. Losing in Week 1 results in the same payout as losing in Week 14: $0.

Making picks each week should take into account the entire NFL season. Consider the schedules for the foreseeable future when making each choice. Don’t make 17 different one week decisions.

In Depth Strategies

A survival pool requires careful attention to the teams chosen each week. Players should therefore pay attention to the teams that the other pool participants are choosing.

If you merely select the team that is most likely to win each week, you may advance, but everyone else who selects the most popular team will also advance.

Players should consider something known as expected value. This illustrates the importance of selecting a team based on its chances of winning and the amount of entries that make it out of the pool. The relative expected value of selecting that team decreases with the number of people who predict their victory.

In other words, if you win and the popular team wins, other entries in the pool are less likely to be eliminated. Remember, the only objective is to outlive everyone else.

You might consider taking a look at free sports picks to help. Additionally, keep these figures in mind each week while choosing your team. The following has been true of NFL favorites over the last decade:

  • 1-point favorites have won 52 percent of the time
  • 4-point favorites have won 66 percent of the time
  • 7-point favorites have won 76 percent of the time
  • 10-point favorites have won 84 percent of the time