Surviving the Rest of the Football Betting Season

You can survive the rest of the football betting season.

Key Points

– The football betting season is a long one.

– To have a successful football betting season, have a plan and stick to it.

Surviving the Rest of the Football Betting Season

After just a few weeks of any football season, it seems a little weird to be talking about survival. Most sports fans and bettors eagerly anticipate the start of a new season. 

But, as we all know, there are many ups and downs during the college and NFL football seasons. It’s the same for the football betting season. 

Here’s how to survive the rest of the way.

It’s a Long One

Keep in mind that the football seasons in the NFL and NCAA run many months. You have to be prepared for a lengthy journey if you want to survive them. It will be February before it’s all over.

You’ll experience ups and downs, moments of uncertainty, sensations of invincibility, and a wide range of other emotions throughout every season.

You have to manage all of these factors without allowing them to alter how you approach the football betting season. It’s a long season. Strap in and stay in it for the long haul.

Don’t Trust the Media 

The media will favor some teams as the season goes on while seemingly demolishing others. As a bettor, you will see all sorts of different bandwagons throughout the course of a football betting season.

When a certain team is playing well, the media jumps on them. As soon as they lose a game or two, you won’t hear a word about that team for weeks. To make matters worse, teams on losing streaks will be chastised by the media. Keep that in mind as you bet college football futures too.

As you try and survive the football betting season, you have to disregard the publicity surrounding successful teams and the criticisms leveled at losers. Your handicapping must be based on facts and your own observations, not those of the media.

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Losing During Football Betting Season

No matter how good you are, you are going to have losing weeks. That’s okay especially as long as you consistently have more wins than losses.

A losing streak is more likely to occur the longer you place bets. With football season starting in August and not ending until the Super Bowl in February, there are going to be periods of losing.

It is also a challenge to establish a consistent edge because the lines that the bookmakers set are mostly correct. It takes work to find an advantage against the sportsbooks. 

Remember, it only takes winning 52.38 percent of the time at -110 odds just to break even. Once you have reached that level, if you can just get to 55 percent you can have success during the football betting season. 

Of course, nothing ever turns out exactly as planned. Don’t let a few bad weeks throw you off course. Learn from the losses and get back on the winning track.

Down the Stretch

Remember the football betting season is long. The majority of football players naturally deteriorate during the course of the season. They sustain injuries, and their bodies weaken. Since everyone else is experiencing the same situation, this isn’t always obvious.

Bettors can gain an advantage that others don’t if they can train their eyes to spot players who slow down quicker than others. This can help when betting the main markets like the point spread and totals as well as player props. It can also help with NFL MVP betting.

Keep in mind that some players will get even better down the final stretch of a regular season. Bettors that can identify these players and teams can use that information to their advantage during the football betting season.


Keep in mind that the NFL has strict rules about the reporting of injuries. College football teams do not have to disclose any injury-related information. As a result, coaches are often a bettor’s worst enemy.

Coaches at both the NFL and college level will often exaggerate the severity of an injury or misrepresent how serious an injury is all in an effort to gain an advantage. 

Regardless, bettors need to stay on top of injuries as they can greatly affect how you handicap a football game.

Stick to the Football Betting Season Plan

Once again, it’s a long season. In preparation for the football betting season, you had an overall plan. It’s important to stick to that plan. 

If you’re consistently winning, you’ve established handicapping strategies and methods that work for you. Don’t doubt yourself after a few losses. Stick to the plan.

Weather Changes

You already know that the weather affects the football betting season. It is especially important in late-season games when temperatures and precipitation change in cold weather cities.

When you handicap a game, take into account the expected result given the forecasted weather and how it changes with various weather conditions. To give yourself the best weather consideration, place your wager as soon as possible before the game.

Check the Depth Charts

One of the things that separates from long-term winners is depth. Because football season is long, injuries occur. Teams that have better depth typically can handle playing without starters. 

It’s important to look at NFL and college depth charts as you go through the football betting season. When handicapping games, it’s nice to know a team’s relative strengths in different positions. You don’t have to know every reserve player, but some knowledge of depth charts is helpful.

Understanding team depth is just one of professional handicappers tools of trade.

Manage Your Money

The lifeblood of your football betting season is your money. Without funds to wager with, you’re done. Managing your money is crucial if you want to make it through a successful season.

There are numerous football games every week. Make sure your bankroll is sufficient to allow you to wager on as many games as you need to each week. Make sure it lasts the duration of the season.

Don’t chase losses and stick to your overall bankroll management plan.

Take a Week Off During Football Betting Season

Don’t be afraid to take a week off. You don’t need to place bets every week. Remember, it’s a long season. 

Just like the players do, bettors can get worn out. Take a week off to regroup. Being a successful bettor during football betting season takes an emotional and mental toll. Be aware of that and step away when needed. It will help you enjoy the season even more.

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