Creative Betting Strategies to Jumpstart Your Results

Use these creative betting strategies to jumpstart your results.

Key Points

– Sometimes, you need creative betting strategies to get you out of a betting rut.

– Thinking out of the box can help you get back on track with your sports betting.

Creative Betting Strategies to Jumpstart Your Results

Whether you’re a professional or a recreational sports bettor, chances are you’re constantly seeking ways to improve your performance.

If you’re like most bettors, there are times when you could just use a little jumpstart. Maybe you experience a few losses in a row or you’re just not feeling like yourself. Whatever the case, we can all use a little something to get us going.

Here are some simple creative betting strategies to jumpstart your betting results.

Betting Group of 5 College Football

Bettors love to win betting football. Sportsbooks offer lines on every FBS college football game every week. While the betting public is always rushing to bet on the Alabamas and Ohio States of the world, you will be better off betting on less popular, Group of 5 teams and games.

Sportsbooks pay more attention to the games that draw the highest handle. They don’t pay as much attention to Fresno State playing Wyoming on a Saturday night. 

If you specialize in a conference like the Mountain West for example, you can gain an edge and beat the books often enough to jumpstart your college football betting.

With the amount of data now available online, you can easily find the necessary statistics and analytics you need to properly handicap these less popular NCAA football games. 

There will be more occasions for the bettor to find value in bets on conferences like the Mountain West and the Sun Belt as opposed to the Big Ten and SEC. Commit to learning more about one of these conferences and watch your wins and bankroll increase.


Betting Strategies – Mid-Major College Basketball

If it works in college football, it can work in college basketball too. The same principles hold here. Sportsbooks do not pay as close attention to mid-major games as they do to ACC, SEC, and Big Ten games. 

Bettors that specialize in the Missouri Valley Conference for example, will eventually find tons of value on teams like Loyola, Missouri State, and Drake. The data is out there. All bettors have to do is commit to becoming an expert in a certain conference.

These are betting strategies that have proven to be winners.


Most experienced sports bettors will shy away from teasers, but it’s kind of like how they shy away from eating bacon double cheeseburgers. Having one every once in a while is okay. It’s the same for teaser bets.

NFL teasers are great because of the common key numbers associated with the game. You can’t just haphazardly put two games together, tease them, and expect to win. You have to do your research, find the right teams to target, and then put your teaser together.

Winning a teaser can easily put a bettor back on the winning track and give him confidence moving forward.

Bet on Baseball

Betting on baseball isn’t as popular as football and basketball. Lines tend to be a little softer, especially in games where popular teams like the Yankees and Dodgers aren’t playing.

The thing with baseball is there are over 2,400 games in a regular season. Add in the postseason and you have tons of opportunity to find value. There is value on road divisional underdogs, for example. There is also value in betting weather-related totals. 

Betting Strategies – Weather Related Totals

Speaking of weather, watch forecasts and place bets accordingly. Weather impacts betting on sports.For example, in MLB when wind speeds blow at 5 miles per hour or higher out from home plate, more games tend to go Over the posted total.

NFL and NCAA football games where winds reach certain speeds also tend to go Under a total. More than other weather phenomena, wind affects the outcome of football and baseball games. Use it to your advantage. 

Moneyline Home Underdogs

Remember, when you bet on moneyline underdogs in any sport, you lose small and win big. Take an NFL game where the Pittsburgh Steelers are home underdogs against the Baltimore Ravens. 

Baltimore is favored by 3.5 and the Steelers are a +165 underdog on the moneyline. A bettor can take the points and bet on Pittsburgh +3.5. A $110 bet would win $100 if the Steelers lose by 3 or fewer points or win outright. 

If you like the Steelers at home and see value in them, you can bet $100 and win $165 if they pull the upset. That’s a bigger win. 

You can also wager on both using one as a hedge. If the Steelers lose but cover the spread, you break even. The ultimate goal would be for Pittsburgh to win. You win both bets and walk away with $265.

Start a Betting Club

Some of the most successful bettors in the world are members of a group of bettors. These large betting syndicates represent many of the sharp bettors in the industry.

Although spending time with other bettors may seem unusual at first, it is one of the best ways to improve your craft. It doesn’t need to be a large group, but if you exchange strategies with other sports bettors, you can all feed off of each other.

Ask two to five of your friends who like to bet on sports whether they want to form a handicappers club and meet once a month or every other week. It doesn’t take much time and it could be done by Zoom or Skype if needed.

The group can share ideas on which games to bet. They can even pool their resources and wager as a group. Sharing ideas can help you learn new betting strategies and help improve your overall game.

A club like this not only benefits you by letting you know how other bettors think, but it also keeps you at the top of your game. Being held accountable is always a good idea, and sharing ideas and outcomes with others improves your total performance.

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