How Weather Impacts Betting on Sports

This is how weather impacts betting on sports.

Key Points

– The weather has an impact on betting on sports, even those played indoors.

– Before betting on sports, be sure to check the weather.

How Weather Impacts Betting on Sports

Did you know that in a study of people and their showering habits it was revealed that a certain body part is not washed as often as others? In fact, seventy percent of those who took part in the study said they consistently did not wash this body part. 

It was the feet, by the way, and it’s hard to believe that many people skip over washing them. The funny thing is that there’s a similar situation in sports betting. There are factors that affect the outcomes of sporting events that bettors tend to overlook on a consistent basis. 

When you ask the typical sports handicapper about the factors that influence their picks, they will tell you that they consider a team’s most recent performance, its record against the competition, injury reports, head-to-head history, and a variety of other factors. 

The one factor that bettors tend to overlook the most and the one that they frequently do not take into consideration is … the weather.


How’s the Weather?

The weather can have a greater impact on the results of athletic events than any one athlete. The weather often trumps home-field advantage or even the most meticulously crafted strategy devised by the most intelligent coach. 

The impact that the weather has on our everyday lives can be seen constantly. We have 24-hour weather channels. There are apps for our smartphones that can give us the weather instantly.

If you are a serious bettor, it is imperative that you be aware of the current weather conditions, and selecting a trustworthy forecasting site is an essential tool for your sports betting repertoire.

Take a look at how the weather affects five different sporting events, and keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. As you will see, even the most well thought-out game plans are susceptible to being derailed by the elements.

Betting on Sports – Baseball

When betting on sports, baseball may be the most susceptible of the major sports to being influenced by the elements. The temperature, amount of precipitation, and wind speed all have an impact on the way a baseball game is played.

When it is hot outside, the baseball becomes more “elastic,” and it decompresses more when it hits the bat than it does when it is chilly outside. This allows the ball to travel further when hit. The players all enjoy it when it’s warmer outside. As the temperature drops – like it does in cold weather areas during the MLB playoffs – teams have to adjust. This has an impact on play.

A baseball game can be completely derailed by precipitation, the most common kind of which is rain. When pitching, accuracy can quickly go out the window if a pitcher is having trouble getting a good grip on the baseball. Even when equipped with lengthy spike shoes, fielders slip and slide and run the risk of losing their footing.

It may be hard to believe, but the speed and direction of the wind likely has the most significant impact on baseball betting. Fly balls that are normally caught can become home runs if there is a strong wind blowing from the infield out to the outfield. 

When the wind is blowing from the opposite direction, the situation is reversed. This one weather condition has the potential to have a significant impact on the game total (Over/Under) for a game.

Weather & Football

Even the most talented of teams can be beaten by rain, making them look silly in the process. Wet conditions are difficult to navigate for football players. When playing defense, things like tackling, shedding blocks, and covering a player can become quite difficult.

Snow can have the same effects as well, not to mention that it can potentially hinder overall accuracy, visibility, and the feel of any contact that is made with the ball or another player.

Like baseball, wind is undoubtedly the most important weather condition that can affect the outcome of a football game. Ask any coach at any level which weather element bothers them the most and they will tell you it is wind.

Windy conditions often offer a significant advantage to teams that rely on running the football. Teams that throw the ball more often will have a more difficult time doing so in windy conditions. 

Just like in baseball, winds will play a big role in affecting a game total. If you are live betting the NFL, take a look at the weather and bet accordingly.

The Weather and Soccer Bets

Rain is probably the most common type of unfavorable weather situation that can affect a soccer game. Rain can cause the ball to “ski” or move faster down the field. This is ideal for teams that like to pass the ball.

If, on the other hand, there is an excessive amount of rain, the field will get saturated, which will significantly impede the ball’s speed and make it more difficult to pass the ball. Because of this, it is extremely important to check the forecast not just to see if it will rain or not, but also to see how much rain is expected to fall.

The wet and slick conditions can potentially have a significant effect on the Over/Under betting for soccer. Driving rain will not only make it harder for a goalkeeper to keep his grip, but it will also make it harder for him to see long-range shots.

When betting on sports like soccer, rain and wet conditions often have the greatest influence. 

Betting on Sports – Tennis

When it comes to tennis, prolonged periods of severe rain result in delays, postponements, and disruptions to the match. 

These delays can provide a much-needed break for losing players in the middle of a match. They also might prolong a game enough to have a negative impact on the winner’s momentum. 

It is possible that the roof will have to be closed during a match in tournaments like Wimbledon. That will have an effect on the way the ball bounces and will give an advantage to those who compete indoors.

Wind can have a significant impact on how the ball flies, providing players who like to defend the baseline an edge while making it more difficult for players who want to “paint the lines.”

Hockey Wagers

When it comes to hockey, the temperature is of the utmost importance. The temperature of the ice in the arena must be kept at or below 32 degrees at all times. If the temperature continues to rise, a hockey game could end up being more like a game of water polo. 

Keep in mind that bettors will have an opportunity to bet on a few outdoor NHL games every season. The league plays a handful of games at outdoor venues. In these games, the actual weather will have an impact. 

Interestingly, warmer temperatures can slow the game down. With melting ice, skaters are slowed down. Passing and shooting the puck can become more difficult in this situation. The weather can definitely impact these outdoor games. 

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