Win More NBA First Half Bets

Learn how to win more NBA first half bets.

Key Points

– Bettors can find advantages by making more NBA first half bets.

– Smart bettors find NBA teams that excel in the first half.

Win More NBA First Half Bets

While the majority of sports bettors focus on betting  NBA full game lines, first half lines may present extraordinary value for the smart handicapper. 

With NBA first half bets, bettors are wagering on the first 24 minutes of the game. Only the results of the first half matter. There are some advantages to betting just the opening half of a game as compared to making halftime bets.

Many of the same bets – point spread, moneyline, and total – are available for the first half as well as the whole game. As with any NBA bet, the key is to find the value and place the bet. 

First Half Stats

A good place to start is with statistics that most people typically ignore. Bettors can go online and find a wide variety of first half stats that can be used to win more NBA first half bets.

The majority of sports bettors pay close attention to an NBA team’s overall record and its historical results versus its opponents. If you are placing a wager on the first half of a basketball game, you will need to look a bit farther to learn how they perform in this crucial portion of the game for your wager.


NBA First Half Bets – Look for Runs

Like any sport, there will be teams that start fast while some will start more slowly. Either way, do the research to find out which teams are which. You can use that information to your advantage when making NBA first half bets.

Keep in mind that it may take a while to find teams that offer more value in a first half bet compared to a full game wager. Once you do find those teams, it will be well worth the wait. 

Look for runs in NBA games. They are full of them as basketball is a run-based sport. There’s no doubt you have seen plenty of them while watching games. All of a sudden, one team scores the game’s next 18 points, for example. 

A team might make all of its shots for a stretch of say, ten minutes. The opposite is true too. A team can go on a cold streak and miss all of its shots for an extended period of time. In your research, remember you are looking for teams that typically show runs in the first half.

Betting First Half Underdogs

A first-half wager on the underdog may offer excellent value if you focus on games where the favorite is a strong favorite. Take Boston -9 or Milwaukee -11. These big spreads can benefit the underdog sometimes. 

The underdog may benefit if the favorite is expected to win big. The favorite lacks motivation, especially early in the game. In an NBA game, teams are favored by large margins for a reason. They are the better team. However, they might not play as well in the beginning of a game. This is where the smart bettor can take advantage and win more NBA first half bets.

In the second half of such a game, the better team will often recover, take the lead, and win and often cover the spread too.  When making a first half bet, what happens later in the game doesn’t matter.

The Public Effect

When the betting public attempts to wager on the first half in NBA games, they follow their typical pattern. The casual NBA bettor wagers on the first half favorite. As a result, oddsmakers usually work that into the first half line being offered.

That means even more value for the smart bettor. Identifying underdogs offering first half value is even easier and bettors can find them with little research. This is one of those creative betting strategies that can jumpstart your results.

It’s another reason why NBA bettors should consider betting the first half of games. 

Look at the Schedule When Making NBA First Half Bets

NBA first half betting can be significantly influenced by the teams’ schedules. A team’s ability to rest must be considered when making a bet on the first half. 

A team that is playing the second night of a back-to-back or one playing for the third time in four days presents a different issue than a team coming off some rest. 

Travel is also an issue. A team playing four, five, or six games at home has a significant advantage over a team that is in the midst of a four-, five-, or six-game road trip. The other thing to look at is the length of the travel. Did the teams cross time zones? What effect will that have?

Often, teams return from a long road trip to play at home. They come out sluggish in their first game back. It might be the comfort of being at home. Whatever it is, bettors need to consider it when making NBA first half bets. 

Final Note

All of these elements have an effect on betting NBA games as a whole. They also affect NBA first half bets. If you choose to bet the first half, always look carefully into a team’s past accomplishments. 

Pay close attention to back-to-back games and stretches where teams may become tired. Also, remember that you don’t care whether a team wins or loses the game. You only care about the first half. The second half will not affect your NBA first half bet.

NBA first half betting gives you more opportunities to put your game expertise to work and stake money on profitable predictions. It might need a little bit of additional investigation, but it will be time well spent. For the best deal, make sure to compare lines at a number of sportsbooks. 

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